Provide broader options for our customers beyond standard coverage

Not all insurance carriers, or their personal insurance policies, are created equal. They are not designed to be. Every insurance carrier designs their personal insurance policies for the types of risks they desire to insure. The "standard preferred" insurance carriers (e.g.: Allstate, State Farm, Geico, etc.) design their policies for the general public and the ordinary, common risk.

Strive to seek alternative solutions for affluent clients

Standard insurance carriers are not designed for for Luxury, Landmark, Historical Properties, or those of the more affluent family. We strive to seek alternative solutions and place affluent clients through preeminent "Blue Chip" carriers.

Conduct a best in class coverage review

While many insurance agents "quote your insurance", it is important for customers to understand what they are – and are not – promising. We show you clearly what you currently have and where your insurance protection may fall short. The protection of your home(s), personal property and assets should never be left to chance.

Comprehensive coverage for high value customers

Insurance studies have found that 7 out of 10 luxury homes are not insured with the right coverage protection. Most luxury homes are still insured with only standard policies. A "standard preferred" policy does not offer the comprehensive coverage needed for a high valued custom designed luxury homes or historical homes. The limited protection provided in a "standard preferred" policy will almost always be found to be "unsuitable" at the time of a loss to luxury home.